You don’t have to be a surfer to get in on the International Surfing Day festivities. In fact, eco-videographers, garbage sculptors, and even trash collectors can win big!

International Surfing Day events will happen around the world — including at all 70 Surfrider Foundation chapter locations — on Sat. June 20. Besides community cleanups and other local activities, the day means a huge wave of eco-challenges for participants, who can get prizes for all manner of eco actions. Find the “Most Unique Piece of Trash” or “Make the Best Trash Skateboard” or ride the greenest “Eviro-board” and your unique eco-talents could win you nice things. Prizes include “a Reef “head to toe” Prize Pack” to “a complete Sector 9 skateboard” and much more.

Find an event near you — and get more details on the challenges — by visiting the International Surfing Day website. See you at the beach cleanup!

Catch a green wave
Join beach cleanups and win green prizes on International Surfing Day.