Want a laptop case made with 98% recycled materials that's lightweight and shock-absorbent -- with a cradle to cradle design that lets you recycle or compost the case once you're done with it? Then collect a few free cardboard boxes from your neighborhood grocer, grab a knife, and get started on this Instructables project for an ecological cardboard laptop case. (via ecostreet)

The DIY instructions, put together by one nikoto, makes it all look very easy -- though I have to say I'm still pretty intimidated about taking on the project on myself. Tracy Stokes at ecostreet is more courageous than I; she says she's going to test her crafting skills soon, putting her no-longer-needed moving boxes to good use. Watch her blog to see how it all turns out!

Don't have the time or skills to make your own cardboard case -- but the money to buy one? Giles Miller has a very similar-looking Cardcase for sale -- embellished with a leather strap and chrome buckles -- but the product will put you back £180.

Cheap chic cardboard laptop case
DIY a low-cost recycled and recyclable laptop case -- or just buy an expensive pre-made one.