If you thought about volunteering at a soup kitchen and helping others this Thanksgiving -- but are at home overstuffed with dinner and surfing the blogosphere instead -- it's not too late to do good!

All you have to do is walk over to your closet, check for coats in there you haven't worn for over a year, then take those off the hangers and donate them. By letting others reuse your unworn duds, you'll feel all warm and fuzzy inside -- and give yourself some extra closet space to boot. A few great organizations seeking pre-loved coats are:

One Warm Coat. Search by zip code to find a coat drive happening in your community. You can even think bigger and organize your own coat drive through the site too! (via Stylistic)

Coats for Cubs. Got an old fur coat? Take it to your local Buffalo Exchange store sometime before Earth Day to donate it to The Humane Society of the United States, and the group will use the fur to warm and comfort orphaned or injured wildlife. The condition of the coat isn't important, and fur trims, accessories and shearling are acceptable too.

New York Cares. This website's much like One Warm Coat, but is specific to New Yorkers. Find drop-off spots for your coat in the big apple or organize your own drive. (via Stylistic)

Image: Courtesy One Warm Coat

Coats for a cause
Donate your pre-loved coats and you'll feel all warm and fuzzy inside -- plus get some extra closet space.