No, eco-fashion is not all hemp duds on the one end and super-pricy LOHAS couture on the other. In fact, eco-fashion lines like cmarchuska are trying to marry the best of both — comfy chic eco-elegance.

Christine Marchuska, the founder and designer of the cmarchuska line, says she’s neither about crunchy granola-wear nor unaffordable high fashion. “All of my clothing is made domestically in New York City’s Garment District and all of the fabric used is either organic, sustainable or recycled and is sourced from Cannon Knitting Mill in Ontario,” Christine says.

Cmarchuska fashions are in fact mostly made of comfy organic cotton. From simple men’s T-shirts to body-hugging dresses, the eco-line is designed to flatter. That said, the word “affordable” clearly means different things to different people. A $64 v-neck T-shirt, no matter how well cut, isn’t going to appeal to most in this economy. Which perhaps is why Ecosumo offers the same T for $50. I know, I know — That’s still pretty expensive. 

I’m hoping that the prices’ll be better at the seasonal trunk shows at Equinox boutiques in NYC and Los Angeles. Watch Christine Marchuska’s blog for more details on when these’ll take place. In the meantime, check out this short vid of a previous cmarchuska trunk show. Do all the girls shopping seem really drunk, or is it just me?

Images: Courtesy cmarchuska

Comfy-chic organic cotton fashions
Eco-fashion lines like cmarchuska marry comfy chic to eco-elegance.