Is a wool outfit cool enough to wear for an outdoor workout in sunny Southern California? If it’s Icebreaker’s cool wool sportswear, then yes. That’s me to the right, dressed head to toe in Icebreaker for an outdoor yoga class at the Vital Juice Pop Up Wellness Retreat at The Sunset Marquis Hotel & Villas last month.

460140275997dc081be5 m IcebreakerNo, that’s not an official yoga pose — that’s me pre-class, miming running on a yoga mat. My cool workout wear comes from Icebreaker’s Ultralite series: The Dash Crewe top, which has the added bonus of slimming design lines, and the Bodyfit 200 Leggings, which are already lighweight, but also come in an even lighter Bodyfit 150 version. The thin but strong natural fabric keeps me cool when I go out for a jog — and go well with the Icebreaker socks I reviewed a while back!

Like the socks, the top and leggings are made of merino wool from sustainably raised New Zealand sheep. I can even find out which group of sheep my clothes came from by entering the item’s “baacode” into Icebreaker’s website. The clothes are lightweight, breathable, and not scratchy — and great for running, hiking and other active sports.

That said, if your main workout is yoga, keep in mind that merino wool fabric doesn't have as much give as most made-for-yoga pants, which means there’s a little unwanted resistance in the fabric in some stretchy yoga poses. I got through my yoga class fine but did notice the extra effort, so the stretchiness issue is something to keep in mind when shopping.

Icebreaker’s Ultralite tops — available for both men and women — cost between $59.99 to $89.99; leggings cost between $59 to $109, depending on the weight. Find Icebreaker at a store near you, or shop online.

Bottom photo: Siel

Cool wool active wear
Keep cool by wearing -- wool. Sustainable merino wool, that is, made in to lightweight, breathable activewear by Icebreaker.