Jewelry can dress up a simple outfit, or add that last touch of perfection to an ensemble—if only we could find it/untangle it/keep it clean! Tangled jewelry causes unnecessary wear-and-tear and it's frustrating because usually we are putting it on as we are trying to leave the house, meaning annoyance can run high when dealing with the disorganization. But it need not be this way. There are many creative ideas for keeping your jewelry organized; here are just a few.

Jewelry board from Etsy

This beautiful, handmade necklace hanger is made from reclaimed wood. A fantastic gift for yourself or someone who might be a bit organizationally challenged.

jewelry tree

A way to hang almost anything — from a real tree branch. And yes, if you are even slightly crafty, you can definitely do this yourself! Consider yourself inspired.

jewelry keeper

Reuse at its best; made from corks, eye screws and a vintage frame, this jewelry keeper is as simple as it is handy.

jewelry organizer

Tangle and Fold on Etsy makes a wide variety of handmade organizers; and they will even make custom versions if you have specific needs.

jewelry organizer

A ceramic jewelry holder like this one is another way to go; there are also vintage versions of such jewelry holders and you could DIY by gluing dishes together, if you're feeling crafty.

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Creative jewelry storage solutions
Find what you need, avoid tangled necklaces, and enjoy your jewelry again with these fun storage ideas.