Fake Christmas trees are generally frowned upon by environmentalists, since most are made in China of synthetic plasticky materials. But I’ve found a couple fake trees I can endorse — because they’re made of recycled cardboard!

Cardboard Christmas Tree

Cardboard Christmas Tree. Made of recycled corrugated cardboard, this tree stands 3 feet tall when assembled — and can be painted and decorated either with the assortment of cardboard ornaments that arrive with the tree, or with your own decorations. Cost: $19.95.

Have a very tiny apartment? Then opt for The Small Cardboard Christmas Tree, which stands just 1 foot tall! The $9.95 price tag even includes free ground shipping.

Alpine tree made of cardboard

Alpine Tree from Cardboard Safari. Always wanted just half a tree that’d lie flat against a wall? This Alpine tree  can be assembled as a “more compact, wall hugging, 180 degree configuration” — or a fuller 22″ x 22″ x 24″ 360 degrees. Each tree costs $28; pick from plain cardboard brown or white.


All these cardboard trees are made from recycled cardboard and packed flat for shipping. Post-holidays, you can either reflatten the trees for next year.

Photos courtesy of thecardboardtree.com and Cardboard Safari

Customizable cardboard Christmas trees
Pick out a recycled cardboard Christmas tree, shipped to you flat to assemble, color and decorate as you please.