It’s L.A. fashion week, and eco-fashion designers are sending their cutting edge green styles down the runway — and the red carpet. Last night, model and activist Stefanie LaRue debuted a sleek upcycled dress made of recycled cassette tapes, created by eco-couture designer Deborah Lindquist.

44460740545baec8270d m Stefanie LaRue wore the sonic fabric dress to the “Meet the Designer & the Muse” event at The Standard Downtown. Put on by Fashion Group International Los Angeles, the event honored about 50 of L.A.’s fashion designers in a star-studded party including Natalie Cole and Vanessa Williams.

Deborah says she’s made two pieces using sonic fabric so far — both bustier based. I’ve long been a fan of Deborah Lindquist’s bustiers — and love the how the slick and shiny sonic fabric translates into a sexy, music playing, go-with-any-skirt fashion piece.

Expect more music-playing eco-fashions from Deborah Lindquist. In the meantime, you can watch a slideshow of her Fall 2010 line — all made with upcycled, organic, and sustainable materials.

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Deborah Lindquist's musical eco-bustier
Eco-couture designer Deborah Lindquist's fall 2010 line makes noise -- with bustiers made from upcycled cassette tapes.