Saved up to buy organic cotton Loomstate jeans — then wore holes in the knees by living in them? Now, you don’t have to part with your favorite pair of jeans even when they start falling apart, thanks to Denim Therapy.

This cute denim repair company can apparently fix up any pair of jeans (or denim skirt, etc.) you send them. Just register your jeans, mail them to Brooklyn, and get an e-mail invoice. After you pay up, you’ll soon get your jeans back looking good as new.

M.J. Prest at Ethical Style tried the service with her beloved Seven For All Mankind jeans earlier this year — and raves about it:

I can’t believe how flawless they look. The reconstruction was immaculate, and the thread they used to rebuild the fiber matches seamlessly.

I don’t know how they did it. They could tell me it was little Brooklyn-dwelling elves and I would believe them. After all, you don’t question the doctors with the power to resurrect your favorite pants from the dead.

M.J. did, however, spend a not inconsiderable $82 to get a whopping 10-inch tear fixed. I guess she really loved those jeans! Of course, $82’s still less than half the price of a new pair of Seven for All Mankind jeans.

Assuming your own jeans have a less remarkable gash, your fix-it costs will be markedly cheaper, since repairs cost $7 per repaired inch. Denim Therapy also charges a $12 shipping fee — but that fee is waived for all of December! So send in your sorry-looking jeans now to get them back looking spiffy for the new year.

Denim Therapy: Quick fix for too-loved jeans
A Brooklyn company will make your hole-ridden, ripped up, favorite pair of comfy jeans look good as new.