So you splurged on those designer organic cotton pants -- but rarely wear them because your bar hanger gives them an ugly crease at the knee -- and you're too lazy to pull out that awkward, cumbersome ironing board?

Then put on your thinking cap and dream up a better pants hanger and a better ironing board for Dwell's Innovate It! contest (via Re-Nest). Your new designs could encourage reducing and reusing -- since eco-fashionistas could be encouraged to wear and rewear the cute clothes already in their closet, instead of going out to buy new stuff because what they've got looks wrinkled and unwearable.

Make a digital 3D model of your design using Google SketchUp, and write a 500-word explanation of why your design rocks. Then send your entry in to Dwell by June 10 for a chance to win a cash prize from Volkswagen CC and VIP tickets to Dwell on Design Los Angeles, June 26-28, 2009.

In addition to a pants hanger and an ironing board, Dwell's also looking for a a newly redesigned coffee mug that won't leave a ring. That could cut down on the resources used for coasters -- except making upcycled coasters out of wine corks, unwanted CDs, and all manner of otherwise-landfill-bound goods is a favorite hobby of many a DIY environmentalist....

Design eco-fashion props
Design eco-fashion-friendly props for Dwell -- and you could win money plus tickets to Dwell on Design.