Ever looked at an eco-friendly T-shirt and thought, “Hey, I’d totally wear that — if it actually came in a flattering cut, sported a less crunchy design, and didn’t have an overly didactic enviro message emblazoned across the chest!”

Me, too! Now there’s a T-shirt company that lets you customize eco-friendly T-shirts to make them wear-worthy. Fibers.com offers a whole bunch of Earth Day-themed T-shirts — with designs you can manipulate to fit on the clothing item of your choice.

Fibers.com let me try out its service — and I have to say I was pretty delighted with the customization capabilities — which were simple and easy to use. Now, I’m really not a fan of didactic eco-messaging on T-shirts — so I wasn’t a huge fan of most of Fibers.com’s original designs. However, I was able to totally change a design I liked to fit my usual monochromatic, minimalist tastes! I started off with a “Trees are for Hugging” T-shirt — then de-greened it (in color) and de-huggered it before plunking the design on an organic cotton T-shirt.

A couple days later, my new customized T-shirt came in the mail — and I’m happy with the results.

Siel in a Fibers.com T-shirt

Want a shirt like mine? Complete with customization, the T-shirt will run you $23.99 at Fibers.com. Or customize your own shirt by browsing the eco-conscious designs. Remember to put your finished design on one of the three organic cotton T-shirt options, since most of Fiber.com’s clothing options are made with conventional cotton.

Photos: Siel

Design your own unique Earth Day T-shirt
Fibers.com lets you easily customize any of its eco-friendly designs -- then plunk it on an organic cotton T-shirt.