How do you remove your eye makeup at night? While some environmentalists swear by olive oil -- or even the soap-and-water-only method -- many eco-beauty mavens want a less crunchy solution. So I put two greener eye makeup removers -- both of which got a "low hazard" score of 2 on the Skin Deep cosmetic safety database -- to the test.

First up: Aubrey Organics Herbessence Makeup Remover. While Aubrey's a very health and environmentally counscious company, I unfortunately find that many of Aubrey's products don't work for me. This makeup remover was no exception, because it felt exactly like rubbing pure oil on my eyelids — which made me think I may as well use olive oil and save myself some money.

My second choice -- Earth Science Eye Make-Up Remover -- fared a lot better. This fragrance-free, paraben-free product is a clear gel that’s non-greasy and does its job quite well.

I’m fairly happy with Earth Science, but it seems there are quite a few eye makeup removers on the market that score a 0 ranking on Skin Deep, making them even safer than my current product! I’m now curious about trying those, though I’d rather not run into another bad Aubrey-like experience.

Got an eco eye makeup remover to recommend? Share your reviews in the comments!

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Detox your makeup regimen
Two greener eye makeup removers are put to the test.