Could upcycled book-purses be the next big eco-fashion it thing? That, I’m guessing, is what other green fashion bloggers wondered when they first saw the photos of Natalie Portman toting a “Lolita” book-purse at the premier of “Black Swan.”

Unfortunately, Natalie’s purse doesn’t appear to be upcycled. The “Lolita” book-purse is the branchild of French designer Olympia Le-Tan, whose handstitched versions of mid 20th-century novels are gracing fashion magazines and red carpets. As far as I can tell, Olympia’s book-purses are pretty — but not particularly eco-friendly.

Unless, that is, Olympia’s accessories inspire fashionistas to create their own versions of the book-purses via upcycling! After all, few can afford Olympia’s originals. Each made in a set of only 16, the purses cost $1,330 to $1,870 each at Opening Ceremony. The “Lolita” purses appear to have sold out despite the high price tag — but I’m guessing an inexpensive DIY upcycled option appeals more to MNN readers.

So make your own, with the help of this handy DIY video from Curbly. Lack DIY skills? You’ve still got many options for literary accessories that are upcycled — and affordable, too.
DIY: A green version of Natalie Portman's clutch
Natalie Portman carried an expensive book-like purse to the premier of 'Black Swan.' Learn to create your own look-alike purse, DIY-style.