Got Fathers Day cards over the weekend? Turn them into Fathers Day gifts that keep on giving by upcycling them into new useful objects. EcoSalon’s got 8 Clever, Crafty & Creative Ways to Reuse Greeting Cards, with ideas ranging from simply reusing old cards as bookmarks to creating everything from journals to ornaments out of them.

Want a much bigger challenge? How about a chicken coop? A DIY-ing urban chicken duo created a classy-looking urban chicken coop out of a bunk bed, bottle rack, storage unit, and whatever “Vika Oleby legs” are — all from Ikea! (via Ethicurean)

This coop is also a gift that keeps on giving: Think homegrown chicken and fresh eggs! You can make this local food project even greener by using Craigslist to get these Ikea pieces used.

DIY: From cards to coops
Upcycle those Fathers Day cards into new useful objects -- or hack together an urban chicken coop ala Ikea!