If you avoid the environmental and health disaster that is factory-farmed meat, you might be shocked to know that you’re still paying into that inhumane business by buying beauty products. An ABC News segment reveals that some facial cleansers are made with animal carcass fat, and some hair products are made with cow or sheep afterbirth!


The segment unfortunately doesn’t go much farther than highlighting the ick factor of the animal ingredients. Factory farming is never mentioned, nor are the many chemical ingredients also used in these beauty and personal care products that are also cause for concern. And despite pointing out the lack of research done on long-term effects, the clip ends basically by concluding that “experts” say the products are safe.

Only Jane Houlihan, senior vice president for research at environmental health nonprofit Environmental Working Group, raises an alarm, pointing out that these animal ingredients could contain harmful hormones. Concerned about both carcass fat and chemicals? Visit Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep cosmetic safety database to get the details on what’s lurking in your beauty products — and how to make the switch to a less-toxic, better-for-you hair and skin care routine.