My hair has come a long way since I stopped washing it so much; naturally dry and curly, it's calmer and less frizzy than ever. But even though I fortify it with natural oils it's still winter, and I still have bad hair days, when the dry air takes its toll (thank goodness for topknots still being in style!).

But I can't topknot or bun it every day, so when I saw this video (below) about how to DIY a turban, I thought it was brilliant. I had thought that turbans were kinda difficult and complicated, but they aren't! Or, they can be, if you get fancy with them, but there are also basic, simple ones that take just about a minute or so. The one in the picture of me, above, took all of 30 seconds and I got it done on my second try.  

There are several things to love about turbans, besides that they cover up a bad hair day; they are an easy and inexpensive way to jazz up your look (think about how different a jeans and white shirt combo looks with a great turban and some killer earrings); you can make them thick—more like a hat—or thin, like a headband; you don't need hairclips to hold them on; they work with long or short hair alike; and they give my significant scarf collection a brand new way to get incorporated into my look. 

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Easy winter hair solution: Turbans
Hats indoors are frowned upon, but a turban can be the solution on a bad hair day.