Crowdsourcing eco-inspired design’s apparently the new green in thing. First we had Artevist, a website that lets you submit, review, and vote on T-shirt designs with activist messages. Now, we’ve got Green Eyed Monster, which is does pretty much the same thing, except it uses reusable totes as its canvas.

The bag itself is super eco-friendly! The 100% post-consumer recycled fabric’s a blend of recycled cotton and recycled PET (used soda bottles and the like). The one downside: The $25 price tag. “Yes, we realize that $25 is pricier than a lot of other reusable shopping bags out there,” says Kimmy Ulmer, one of the two L.A. sisters behind the company, “but our philosophy is that we are not just selling bags, we are selling limited edition art.”

Designers can enter Green Eyed Monster’s first competition — titled “Live Enviably” — for a chance to have the design on the first Green Eyed Monster bag of 2009 and win $500 — just enough money to buy yourself 20 bags to give out to friends and family.

Photo: Courtesy Green Eyed Monster