Love Tiffany & Co.’s ethical procurement policies but can’t ever afford to buy the pretty stuff? Try shopping Christy Robinson’s recycled aluminum jewelry (via greengretchen) for cute, eco-friendly necklaces that’ll cost you just $20 - $35.

Christy’s an animal rights activist — and unless you really do consider meat murder, some of the necklace messages will be offputting. But most of the eco-jewelry isn’t so stridently vegan, and some zany ones aren’t even eco-themed. Here’s a good one to wear to the next good drinks:

And this one, my personal favorite, may be appropriate for your next MENSA meeting:

There’s even one appropriate to wear while watching eco-documentaries at home:

About 40-50% of aluminum in cans is recycled, but Christy’s aluminum’s 100% recycled — and of course, can be recycled if you ever get tired of them. The chain and clasps on the aluminum pendants are sterling silver and made in the U.S. Remember — You can sell back gold and silver for recycling!

Take a closer look at the above and many more unique pieces at Christy Robinson. Unfortunately my birthday isn’t until Nov…..

Photos: Courtesy Christy Robinson

Eco-chic Eco Chick necklace
Christy Robinson makes eco-chic jewelry with whimsical green messages -- out of 100% recycled aluminum.