Heard of the virtual water trade? That’s how water-intensive products — like flowers, for example — grown in third world countries with low environmental standards make their way to richer countries with higher environmental standards.


Better-off countries are less willing to deplete their own water resources to create these products themselves — so they buy flowers at cut rate from less fortunate countries that are willing to trade short term monetary gains for long-term environmental depletion. Of course, this shortsighted practice can’t last; there will come the inevitable end to the cheap export of water-intensive products, as water resources runs out.


Gloomy, I know — which is why I’d like to segway to — holiday gifts! Check out the Water is a Human Right Gift Set at Embodies, which pairs Blue Covenant, The Global Water Crisis and the Coming Battle for the Right to Water, a book by board president of Food and Water Watch Maude Barlow, with a “Water is a Human Right” necklace, made in California out of reclaimed silver by Linda Loudermilk. (via Fashion, evolved)


Not only will you be able to learn all about the global water crisis to talk about at eco-cocktail parties, you’ll also get a gorgeous necklace to wear while spouting off.


The set of two items cots $104 at Embodies, which, oddly, is more than the cost of the items separately ($79 +$16.47 = $95.47). However, if you fork over the extra $8+ to get it at Embodies, all proceeds from sales of the gift set will be donated to the Blue Planet Project, a global initiative for water justice founded by Barlow herself.


Image via Embodies