Sure, e-cards are eco-friendly, but paper cards often have a more personal touch — especially if the cards are uniquely hand crafted. Etsy’s my go-to place for one-of-a-kind eco-friendly cards and gift tags made of recycled and recaptured materials. And because you’re buying them directly from the designer-crafter, most items are sold at bargain prices! A few stores to try:

Two Marmosets. Dream Card Series — $8 for set of 5 cards and envelopes

Jen in Los Angeles makes these paper goods out of saved paper scraps and used card stock, mostly nabbed from the recycling bins at her office, then decorates them with string and ribbon bits from price tags, knitting project scraps, and the like. Trash never looked so pretty!

Sanguinaria. Key and Bee mini envelopes with insert cards — $9.99 for a set of 8

Handmade by Sarah in Wallingford, Penn., Sanguinaria cards used to be old file folders, vintage paper sample books, and other pre-loved materials. Sarah’s a member of the EcoEtsy Street Team and promises to use recycled packaging when possible.

Maidenlove. Repurposed envelope set — $5 for set of 8

Like to make your own cards? Then get just some eco-envelopes to put them in! Maidenlove’s envelopes are hand cut and crafted from repurposed magazines and books in Portland — then tied together with vintage yarn and sequin.

Got a favorite eco-friendly Etsy store of your own? Share the info in the comments –

All images courtesy of the Etsy designers

Eco-crafty holiday cards
Find one-of-a-kind eco-friendly cards and gift tags at Etsy to support local, independent, environmentally-conscious artists.