It is much, much tougher to find sustainable fashion for men than it is for women. While the ladies have entire sites, boutiques and labels dedicated to eco-minded clothes, from simple to boho to work-appropriate, guys have fewer choices. 


However, there are some great brands for men out there, from indy (see the raincoat below), to mass market. And the good news is that the choices are well-made, can be dressed up or down, and even though some of the below are "sportswear" companies, the pieces I'm showing here are for more than just wearing on the trail or boat. 

The Stutterheim raincoat might be the last one you ever buy. Based on the traditional Scandanavian raincoat the designer's grandfather wore, this coat is made in Sweden and built to last for decades. 

Patagonia's Go-To shirt is 70 percent organic cotton, with 30 percent poly for easy washing and fast drying (and no ironing). It comes in a variety of very wearable (but not boring) plaid prints. 


This hooded cardigan by Rambler's Way is made from wool that's raised, spun, knit and dyed in the U.S., supporting ranchers, sewing teams and designers in the U.S.. 


Nau's men's twill cargo pants are not only made from 100 percent organic cotton, but feature a fully modern, flattering style with a hint of stretch, so they work on the trail and at work too. 


Hessnatur's organic denim jacket is a perfect layering piece for almost every season, made without the toxins and dyes that are used in conventional denim.  

Starre Vartan ( @ecochickie ) covers conscious consumption, health and science as she travels the world exploring new cultures and ideas.

Eco fashion for men: Brands that bring it
There are plenty of great clothes for green guys, too.