Women who run: What do you do with your ID, keys, and iPod when you’re out jogging? If you’ve been gripping them in your hands — and long for a hands-free jog, a new sports bra can help. The Mi-Bra by GirlHabits has a pocket for your little things and is an eco-friendly bra, too! Made with 90 percent organic cotton and 10 percent spandex, the simple Mi-Bra offers a simple pocket so you can conveniently hold your iPod and other knickknacks between your boobs.

I haven’t given the Mi-Bra a try yet. Honestly, I don’t really feel I need a bra-with-pocket right now — I run with a tiny iPod Shuffle that simply clips on to my shirt or shorts, plus my keys which I hold in my hand. But if I decide to upgrade to a Nano, I may have to get one — and certainly the eco-friendly materials used make the Mi-Bra more attractive to me, whether or not I decide to use the pocket.

The Mi-Bra costs $20 each at GirlHabits. Once the bra has run its last mile, you can send it back to GirlHabits for a 25 percent discount on a new bra — and the knowledge that the pre-loved bra will be donated or recycled.

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Eco-friendly sports bra with an iPod pocket
The organic cotton Mi-Bra will support not just your bust but also your iPod, IDs, and keys too during your jog.