Socks, undies and swimwear are clothing items even diehard environmentalists shy away from buying used. But while reusing’s not an option, recycling is — and Eco-Panda’s created a new fashionable line of recycled nylon swimsuits for eco-fashionistas. (via Pretty by Nature)

Eco-Panda’s recycled nylon is made from fish nets — and uses 27 percent less petroleum resources and creates 28 percent less greenhouse gases, according to the company. That recycled nylon’s combined with lycra to create a suit that, according to the company, will last twice to 10 times as long as conventional spandex suits. Because the line’s brand new, there's no consumer verification of these claims — but maybe I’ll be able to find some a decade from now….

Pick from a whole variety of styles, from sexy one-pieces to tankinis to string bikinis to boy shorts. One-piece suits cost $68; two-piece suits $76.

(MNN homepage photo: JoeLena/iStockphoto)

Eco-friendly string bikini
Get your itsy-bitsy, eco-friendly, once-fish-net recycled bikini from Eco-Panda.