3792640449 97c2556d23 m AnnatarianLove jewelry — but can do without the hard-to-recycle box plus unnecessary bag that jewelry often comes in? Then make a wish for eco-friendly jewelry from green design house Annatarian.

Annatarian’s newly revamped Seven Wishes Bracelet’s made with  a recycled pure sterling silver charm on hemp string — and comes in easy-to-recycle all-paper packaging that doubles as a cute wishlist!

Why a wishlist? The Seven Wishes Bracelet’s are for “setting intentions, goals, resolutions, affirations, and of course wishes,” according to Annatarian.

3793441266 b341d616a4 m AnnatarianPick out a bracelet, then make 7 knots in it for 7 wishes that can also be written on the packaging — which can then be tightly refolded in a small rectangle to fit in your wallet. “When the string breaks and the bracelet falls off, tradition says your wishes will manifest and you will be ready for your next phase of positive change,” promises the packaging.

No, I don’t actually believe a knotted bracelet can make wishes come true — but I think good intentions and positive thinking can effect change. These bracelets can remind you to keep working toward your goals.

The Seven Wishes Bracelet — designed by  Anna Mkhitarian, a Sherman Oaks-based eco-designer — is  available for $22 online, at Nordstroms and at a few local stores in the L.A. area.

Top photo courtesy of Annatarian