Are jumpsuits really coming back in fashion? Michelle Smith at Pretty by Nature seems to think so — and even outlines 5 tips for making the jumpsuit work for you before recommending an all-bamboo jumpsuit: The Elroy Apparel Davidia Jumper, on sale for $126 at Elroy.

My question is simple: Would you wear this eco-friendly, Canadian-made jumpsuit?

The model in the Davidia Jumper above wears it well — but I’m not sure that actually means the Jumper itself wears well. In fact, I’m wondering if the tall thin model with the cool purse and crazy hair — along with her choice not to wear a tank under the plunging neckline of the Jumper — is simply detracting from the un-prettiness of the Jumper itself.

Which is to say — I don’t think I’ll ever be able to pull off this look myself. How about you?

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