Once upon a time, I paid $50 for a pair of flipflops because they were the greenest pair I could find, proudly constructed out of eco-friendly jute, crepe rubber, and cork by a Cali company called Simple Shoes.

Toe Foo flip flops from Simple Shoes

Now, those same flippies are on sale for $9.99 — with free shipping!

Once upon a time, I paid $60 for a pair of “Stop Global Warming” Simple Shoes slip ons, proud because they were made of hemp, organic cotton, recycled PET, recycled car tire, and 100% post consumer paper pulp. Plus $5 of what I spent went to StopGlobalWarming.org.

Retire slip on shoes from Simple Shoes

Now, the same “Retire” design shoes are on sale for $9.90! I could’ve sent $50 to StopGlobalWarming.org if I’d waited a year!

The great eco-shoe deals aren’t just for shoes I bought in the past for full price. Eco-thinking shoe company Simple Shoes is having a blowout sale on a whole bunch of designs, including the TOEtally boot made with organic cotton and a whole bunch of sandals too.

Baby shoes from Simple Shoes

Got kids? Well now you can dress their feet in cute, tree-hugging shoes made with certified organic cotton uppers and linings, recycled PET and latex heels, and 100% post consumer paper pulp foot forms for the bargain price of $4.90. That’s right — A cute pair of very green shoes for your kids delivered for under $5!

Men too can get their versions of the Retire and Toe Foo shoes. Get ‘em before they’re sold out! Now you can no longer complain about how expensive green shoes are –

Photos courtesy of Simple Shoes

Eco-minded shoes for under $5!
Simple Shoes' big sale means eco-fashionistas can pick from a whole bunch of green kicks for under $10!