Now comes a bra that redefines multifunctionality. You’re likely familiar with bras that convert into strapless or nursing bras — and perhaps you’ve even seen bras that double as BYO bags. But now comes the Emergency Bra, a bra-becomes-face-mask invention that’s sure to become popular with environmental apocalypse types!

The Emergency Bra isn’t just a novelty idea. You can buy the pretty red number for the bargain price of $29.99 — and finally practice those pre-flight instructions to place the mask securely over your head before helping others put on their masks. Because as you may have guessed, two bra cups means two masks — so you can save yourself and a friend in need too. The bra straps hold the masks in place, giving you two free hands to go about dealing with whatever emergency has erupted.

Winner of the 2009 Ig Nobel prize in public health, the Emergency Bra’s the brainchild of one Dr. Elena N. Bodnar, president of the Trauma Risk Management Research Institute, who "started her career as a physician in Ukraine during the Chernobyl nuclear accident," according to her bio.

While the lightweight Emergency Bra won’t totally protect you from heavy duty stuff like radiation exposure or napalm, the bra’s website points out that the red cups can keep you from breathing in harmful airborne particles as many people did in the aftermath of 9/11.

Emergency Bra saves you and a friend
A pretty bra functions as a versatile undergarment — and a fashionable emergency preparedness item too!