2913604063 ab8ca63f50 m Eco dud: Hand Lotion by Earth Friendly ProductsThere are eco-friendly products that work even better than their conventional counterparts — and there are eco-friendly products that just don’t work. Meyer Lemon Hand Lotion from Natural Spa by Earth Friendly Products (17.5 fl. oz for $15) is one of the latter — a product I’m afraid some newbie environmentalist will pick up and decide never to buy green again.

Inconsistent texture is the main problem with this lotion. At the top of the bottle, the “lotion” was all watery and gross — like the “watery stuff” at the top of some ketchup bottles. It took a few pumps before anything resembling lotion came out.

When I got to the bottom, the “lotion” developed the consistency of old peanut butter — hard, chunky, clumpy. Add that the lotion had a slightly medicinal smell and doesn't absorb very well, and you have an eco-product disaster.

Apparently, Earth Friendly Products realized their lotions had problems — because I found out after a call to the company today that as of a couple months ago, the company has stopped making its spa line — at least for now. However, the product’s still available at Amazon and other online retailers.

Ever bought an eco-dud yourself? Share the details in the comments so we can all learn to avoid it!

Photo: Courtesy ecos.com