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For gorgeous upcycled leather earrings, get to know Fahmina — both the eco company, and the woman behind it. Fahmina Tsunami (below) gathers up reclaimed and pre-consumer factory leather scraps to create beautiful, colorful jewelry.

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Fahmina makes all the jewelry herself, getting her materials from both New York, where she’s from, and Los Angeles, where she lives now. Her beautiful accessories were all the rage at Gifts Giving Back, a star-studded eco-haute holiday shopping event at Fred Segal Santa Monica earlier this week.  Her eco-conscious earrings range from the simple “icicle” to complex “leather feathers” and “shoulder dusters” — and range in price from $22 to $130+ a pair.

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I own a pair of blue-and-gold leather feathers — which garner compliments every time I wear them! In addition to earrings, Fahmina also makes belts, pendants, clutches, cuffs, and bracelets.

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You can buy Fahmina products at the online store, or at a number of stores across the U.S., including Fred Segal Santa Monica. Fahmina will also have a booth at the two-day shopping event Unique Los Angeles this weekend!

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Fahmina. 323.410.3282. smile@fahmina.com.

Fahmina: Gorgeous reclaimed leather earrings
L.A.-based Fahmina upcycles reclaimed leather to create colorful eco-haute earrings and accessories.