The in-this-season, out-the-next aspect of consumer culture is one that anti-waste, anti-overconsumption environmentalists often rail against. And fashion lines, because they encourage people to remake their closets every season, often get branded ungreen.

S+arck With Ballantyne

So it was only a matter of time before a new fashion line started pitching itself as — anti-fashion. French designer Philippe Starck’s new cashmere line, S+arck With Ballantyne, is basically made up of basic, timeless pieces immune to seasonal fashion trends (via 3p).

S+arck With Ballantyne will come out with “non-photogenic” waterproof cashmere pieces, 30 each for men and women, manufactured in Ballantyne’s workshop in Scotland and “aimed at people who cherish longevity and who appreciate elegance of the intelligence through innovative materials to pass on a modern heritage,” according to its website.

According to Fast Company, “Starck’s line offers nondescript, waterproof cashmere pieces with a contemporary cut and multifunctional features like detachable waistcoats and dual-position collars. The pieces are designed to transcend trends, leaving wearers no reason to move on to the next season’s styles. It’s sustainability by removing the desire to consume.”

Want a non-trendy, wear-forever cashmere basic of your own? The new S+arck With Ballantyne will be in Ballantyne’s flagship stores (none in the U.S., unfortunately), as well as other select retailers, come October.

Photo courtesy of S+arck With Ballantyne

Fashion against fashion
A new cashmere line, S+arck With Ballantyne, aims to transcend temporary trends to create fashion that lasts.