The last time neon was a trend with staying power, it was the 1980s, when we saw it worked into spandex leggings, headbands and high-high heels. Like many looks from the "me" decade, I vowed to stay far away from this one. But even I have to admit, I'm loving the way it has been reimagined for the 2000s — lighter, smarter, more of a wink than a slap. And another point of difference from the '80s— these days neon is available in fabulous, socially responsible, and eco-friendly versions so you can look smart and be smart too. 

Neon bag

This neon bag is sleek, petite and interesting all at once. Vegan, PVC-free, and made in a fair-wage situation in India. Available at Ethica

Doucette Alexis dress

This Doucette Alexis dress is a gorgeous way to rock the neon look at work. Made in NYC from mill-end fabrics. And it's on sale at Kaight, so you can go green even if you're on a budget.  

neon pink leggings from American Apparel\

These neon pink leggings from American Apparel are made in the USA and are a budget-friendly at $34. 

color block shirt

Color-blocking is also a big spring trend; here it's combined with a bright neon blue in a blouse that can do double-duty — from work to an evening out and back again. Available at BeGood

neon backpack

Baggu has an insane collection of bags, backpacks and purses. This cute neon backpack is on sale for just $20 and is made from recycled cotton. 

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