For the serious eco-ethical fashionista, here come some “This Bag is Garbage” accessories from Original Good that are cute AND have a threefold benefit:

1. They’re made of discarded one-use plastic bags, thus preventing litter and clogged landfills.
3. They conserve virgin materials by putting garbage to good use.
2. They’re created by poor urban women in New Delhi who've learned sewing skills to make a decent living, fair trade style.

Billboard Bags by you.

These upcycled bags are made by fusing plastic bags together through a nontoxic process! And unlike some of the more eco-fugly upcycled bags made out of juice boxes and such, these bags have a more sedate, less busy, un-logo’d design — each is unique, as each bag’s handcrafted.

Pick from a variety of styles — messenger bags, totes, pencil pouches and wallets — at fair trade store Original Good. Prices range from $14.95 to $49.95 per bag.

Fashionable "garbage" bags
Women in New Delhi turn flimsy plastic bags into gorgeous handmade totes and wallets for eco-fashionistas.