First off, that is not me in the photo to the right. But do ruched panties really “accentuate and slim the derriere”? That’s eco-fashion boutique Faeries Dance’s claim about the Women’s Summer Midi Ruched Style panties made by Pants to Poverty.

5183121046 67ba45b4a8 m Pants to Poverty: Organic fair trade panties that flatter your derriereHonestly, I can’t say I’ve longed for slimming panties — mainly because I usually wear clothes over them when I go out — but I do like Pants to Poverty!

This London-based company has an intimate mission — to create organic panties that alleviate poverty and stop environmental pollution. Pants to Poverty financially supports farmers who convert to sustainable, organic farming by paying fair trade premiums for the cotton. And once the organic cotton is harvested, it’s turned into panties by factory workers given fair trade pay and benefits.

Pants to Poverty Women's Summer Midi Ruched Style panties

Pants to Poverty makes lots of different panty styles, but I got Women’s Summer Midi Ruched Style 2-pack — one blue pair with white trim, and one striped with pink trim. The pairs are made with 97 percent fair trade, organic cotton and 3 percent lycra (the figures on Faeries Dance website are incorrect) — and even come in a box made from recycled fair trade cotton!

If you prefer full-coverage undies, these Midi Ruched Style panties may be too skimpy for you. But otherwise the undies are cute, comfy, and pretty basic — though accented with the back ruching. It’s possible they make my behind look smaller, though whether or not that’s a positive feature will depend on who you ask. I’ll ask for a second opinion over the weekend and get back to you….

Pants to Poverty Women's Summer Midi Ruched Style panties

In the meantime, if you’re interested in getting a couple ruched pairs for yourself, the two-pack costs $22 at Faerie’s Dance (or £15 on Pants to Poverty’s website).

Second photo from top via Pants to Poverty; all other photos by Siel

Flattering fair trade panties
Pants to Poverty's ruched panties promise fair trade premiums for cotton farmers and workers -- and slimmer-looking derrieres for wearers.