What is up with the eco shoe-folding craze lately? Okay — Perhaps two pairs of green shoes don’t a craze make, but on the heels of foldable walk-to-work Kigo Star shoes comes another foldable pair of eco-causals: Pocketflops.

Pocketflops are flip flops — that fold. But before I get into that heavily-touted folding feature, let me explain what makes Pocketflops green. These cute flip flops are mostly recycled; 90 percent of the shoes are made of recycled tire rubber. Each pair comes with a cute, beribboned organic cotton shoe bag — complete with a plantable paper tag that’s supposed to sprout wildflowers when planted.

Plus, Pocketflops are eco-fashionably designed with fun patterns — and are comfortable to wear. The fabric straps are both soft and sturdy so there’s no chafing on your feet. And while I was afraid the fold in the flip flops would “bite” my feet as I walked, I happily discovered this just doesn’t happen. Once flipped open, Pocketflops stay remarkably flat!

Now, about the folding feature: I have nothing against folding things in theory — I just don’t really see the need. Much of this failure to appreciate the fold may simply have to do with my laziness — Why fold up and stuff flip flops into a bag to carry home when I can just — carry the flip flops home?

If you, like me, wonder why foldability may be important, according to Floc Designs, it’s because folding and bagging your flops can keep other things in your bag or purse from getting dirty. But usually, when I wear flip flops, I already have them on my feet when I leave the house, home being in casual and sunny Southern California. Sometimes I wear a different pair of shoes and switch to flip flops when I go to the beach — but at the beach everything pretty much gets sandy, so I don’t really see the point of carefully bagging the flipflops to throw in a tote that contains a just-as-dirty beach towel.

I’m glad I now have a pair of these eco-fashionable kicks, which I plan to frequently wear, though not frequently fold, this summer. But I did spot one use for Pocketflops earlier this month at EcoStilleto‘s two-year anniversary event. When I left near the end of the party, EcoStiletto founder Rachel Sarnoff had kicked off her sky high stilettos and was standing comfortably barefoot on Beverly Blvd. Pocketflops could have come in handy in this instance!

If you too like to start off the night in high heels and end it closer to the ground, BYO Pocketflops. Pocketflops are available in small, medium and large sizes for $22 at Floc Design’s online store.

Foldable flip flops with an eco-bent
Pocketflops come in pretty designs -- and fold in half to fit into a small cute organic shoe bag for eco-fashionistas on the go.