Vegan or not, most eco-fashionistas I know choose not to wear fur for a variety of environmental and ethical reasons. Born Free USA, an animal welfare and wildlife conservation organization, rewards fashion designers for creating great looks without using animal products with its Fur Free Fashion competition. This year’s winner offers a look that is not only fur-free but also eco-rich.

Tammy Apostol took the $750 top prize with her Green Organic Cotton Gown. The independent designer used naturally dyed green organic cotton for the strapless mermaid silhouette gown, lined and embellished with silk.

Fur Free Fashion also gave out a Green Award to reward the most environmentally friendly design. Moe Donnelly won that prize with her Traveling Soiree Dress and Bolero Jacket, made from a thrifted blouse and sweater, a reassembled men’s suit, and upcycled velvet blazer.

You can see Tammy and other top Fur Free Fashion designers in a future issue of E: The Environmental Magazine. The designs were judged by E editor Brita Belli, eco-model Summer Rayne Oaks, "Do It Gorgeously" author Sophie Uliano, and MNN contributor Josh Dorfman, a.k.a. The Lazy Environmentalist. The next Fur Free Fashion competition will be announced soon. Keep an eye on Born Free USA’s website to enter to win the 2011 prizes.

Fur-free fashion goes green, literally
A green organic cotton mermaid strapless gown takes the top prize from Born Free USA's Fur Free Fashion competition.