Want to turn a friend into an environmentalist? A quick and easy way to convert them is to simply remember their birthday like a good friend — then send a nice green gift prettily nestled in beautiful, sustainable wrapping like a good green friend.

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Usually, this means gifts I give get rewrapped in tissues, papers, bags, and ribbons I’ve saved. But my friends are scattered across the U.S. — which means that I often buy online and ship directly. For that service, I’m now a fan of NuboNau.

NuboNau is a natural and organic skincare boutique in Carlsbad — now with a pretty online store that boasts a well-curated collection of healthy, eco-friendly beauty products. Here, you’ll find some of the greenest personal care goodies on the market from environmentally conscious brands like Arcona, Pai, Dr.Hauschka and many more.

For purists who seek beauty with proof of adherence to organic standards, a special organic category on the site lets you browse just the organic certified or BDIH certified products. Basically, NuboNau puts all the green products in one place so you don’t have to hunt around the web, entering shipping info into numerous sites just to put together a gift pack for your friend.

Why do I keep emphasizing gifting? I guess it’s because naked, unpackaged goods are what I go for when I’m shopping for myself. But when I shop for others, I like to get green products prettily nestled in beautiful, sustainable wrapping — lest I turn people off of environmentalism with my own crunchier ways. After all, packaging-free products, while wonderful, can look kind of crappy on arrival after a trip or three on a UPS truck.

And NuboNau has really got eco-wrap covered. This boutique shuns cheap-looking bubble wrap and other plastic packaging altogether, opting instead for a pretty honeycomb protective wrap from Geämi. Made with recycled materials, this wrap cushions the organic skin care products while making your gift look classy and beautiful.

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NuboNau let me try out its service in time for Mother’s Day — and my Mom was indeed impressed with the honeycomb paper, which she has saved for reuse. Each separate item in the package also arrives wrapped in tissue paper — a detail that, again, makes NuboNau ideal for gift giving though may feel like overkill if you’ve just shopped for yourself.

Best of all, the package arrived with a free natural votive candle plus a pack of samples — with trial goodies from Strange Invisible Perfumes, John Masters Organics, Nude and Juice — in a reusable sheer silky pouch! And proving its attention to detail, NuboNau purchases even include little stickers to put on your products, noting which day you first opened them, since organic products often have a shorter shelf life than their chemical-filled counterparts.

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NuboNau has got you covered for gifts of green beauty, but if you’re shopping for jewelry or home decor, try Novica, which wraps its fair trade, eco-friendly gifts in beautiful, handmade paper — carefully beribboned so the packaging doesn’t require any tape!

Photos of NuboNau packaging by Siel

Gifts of green beauty, wrapped eco-style
Send a green gift that will impress with NuboNau, an eco-friendly beauty boutique that makes plastic-free shipping look beautiful.