If you're an eco-fashionista who reluctantly gave up leather to oppose factory farming and the environmentally harmful conventional leather-making process, Grace Creative Jewelry's pretty leather cuffs could let you wear both your leather and your green creds on your sleeve.

No, vegans still won't be happy with these jewelry pieces, but the bracelets won't be harming any additional cows. Made by Grace Creative Jewelry's owner and designer Tracy Taft Morton, these leather bracelets are cut out from pre-loved leather pants and jackets, then embellished using pearls, turquoise, silver and other decorative materials -- which don't boast the same upcycled claim their leather backings do.

Still, if you can't help but indulge your desire for leather, these semi-eco cuffs are certainly greener than most conventional leather goods out there. The bracelets are for sale on Grace Creative Jewelry's website; prices range from $40-$55.

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Girly upcycled leather bracelets
Grace Creative Jewelry cuts up old leather jackets and pants to make bold but soft upcycled leather bracelets.