Remember last August when Gisele Bundchen remarked that breastfeeding should become a worldwide "madatory law"? After a wave of criticism over the insensitive nature of the comments, she was forced to clarify her position.

Well, it looks like her foot has once again found her mouth.

Bundchen, who is married to NFL star Tom Brady, recently said that she refuses to wear any sunscreen products because of the chemicals used to block the sun’s harmful rays. “I cannot put this poison on my skin,” the 30-year-old stated. “I do not use anything synthetic.”

Naturally, skin cancer experts were incensed — with Dolival Loao, head of dermatology at Brazil's National Cancer Institute, saying, "This is not any poison, when a public person makes a statement like this, it creates confusion."

In response, Bundchen has once again turned to her blog to rectify the situation.

“I would like to clarify the misunderstanding about the use of sunblock,” Bundchen wrote. “I do use sunblock but also I try my best not to be exposed to the sun when it is too strong. My line of skincare products are all natural and do not contain SPF."

"I feel we all need to pay more attention to what we are putting on our skin," she added "I definitely know the importance of using sunscreen and I try to look for more natural options. This is a place where they have a list of some more natural option sunscreens, check it out here.”

Now as many in the green community will attest, choosing all-natural sunscreens over their more chemical-dependent counterparts is definitely something worth considering. While Gisele's toxic quip was unfortunate, her other reasons for being concerned about what we place on our bodies is legit. She's not anti-sunscreen, just anti-chemicals — something her publicist reinforced saying, “Gisele would never say not to use sunscreen because she has had family members who have had skin cancer.” She then continued, “When using sunscreens, she selects ones that are free of parabens, oxybenzone, PABA and retinyl palmitate.”

Michael d'Estries ( @michaeldestries ) covers science, technology, art, and the beautiful, unusual corners of our incredible world.

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