Less than a month after conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh announced a new line of patriotic sweet teas, Glenn Beck is following suit with a clothing line. 

Called "1791: The Original Blueprint," the collection will include polo shirts and long-sleeved button downs all manufactured in the United States. Beck, who recently left FOX News to pursue other projects, wanted the venture to not only create manufacturing jobs for Americans but also to benefit them. He plans to donate some percentage of profits from the sales of the clothes to families in need after natural disasters and other causes. 

But what about the name? Beck told Bill O'Reilly, "That's when the Bill of Rights happened. [We] need to go back to the original blueprint. And so the clothing will actually have things all over inside the clothing to remind you of — to go back and be who you are supposed to be."

There's no word yet on when 1791 might launch, but the minimalist official site does currently carry an email signup box should you feel so inclined. 

Reactions to Beck's newest business venture have ranged from supportive to mocking. In referencing what the collection should include, one commenter over on Zap2It said, "It should be a straight jacket." 

He appears serious about making a run with these products, likening himself to the late, great Paul Newman and his charity work. "It’s philosophical. It’s a way of life," he said dramatically. "And it’s also going to be kind of like Newman’s Own. I’m going to do [that] to clothing."

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Glenn Beck launching charity clothing line
Former FOX News personality says proceeds from his '1791' collection will benefit those in need.