Despite the economic downturn, a big crowd of eco-curious people made their way to the Go Green Expo at the L.A. Convention Center today to check out the booths, listen to green speakers, and do a little shopping.

There was a lot of the usual stuff: Booth after booth of reusable bags, organic baby clothes, and — products endorsed by Ed Begley Jr. I think I’ve seen more cardboard cutouts of that dude than any other celebrity….

Fashionistas could pick from their choice of organic clothing booths. Many of them sold the usual organic cotton T-shirts and hoodies, but there were very chic green fashions from Linda Loudermilk and Puridee (above,) too.

On the other end of the spectrum were the crunchy hippie hemp clothes from Savage Designs:

Ghalia Organic Desserts, Theo Chocolates and other organic food companies let people sample their wares.

Food, in general, proved popular, with Kitchencraft Cookware’s cooking demos drawing crowds:

New to me was green dentistry, which I’m going to have to look into:

and LA Green models, whom I’d never heard of but by they way they were giving out signed posters, seemed to be popular with the crowds.

Many of the booths were, in general, interesting and informative. Of course, there was the “weird stuff” too. You know, booths giving foot soaks that allegedly magically suck all the bad stuff out of your body, companies hawking foods, pills and capsules that are supposed to magically improve your health and life, salespeople selling water that’ll magically improve your life.

And yes, there was bottled water — though I’d imagine most people would be skeptical about buying water that claims to be interactive and filled with “the power of positive energy” — with its best-selling point being that it has no flavors or additives. So it’s water, eh?

A biodome featured hourly musical performances:

Here are some people taking a load off and waiting for the next show to start:

Go Green Expo will happen three more times this year in Philadelphia (March 13 - March 15), New York City (April, 17 - April 19), and Atlanta (June 26 - June 28).

Photos by Siel

Go Green Expo popular in L.A.
A big crowd of eco-curious people checked out the green booths, listened to environmental speakers, and did a little shopping.