I warned you not to get suckered in by Black Friday sales and encouraged you to spend less on crappy gifts this season — so hopefully you won’t be burdening your loved ones with any of the top 10 worst Christmas gifts this season!

But in case you forgot to forward on my posts to your friends and family, here’s a tip for how to deal with really, really bad gifts you get this season: Throw a Save the White Elephant party!

That idea comes courtesy of BBMG, an eco-minded marketing company that’s running a “Save the White Elephant” campaign this season. The idea: Keep your unwanted “gift” out of the landfills by finding it a new home — by regifting it to someone who does want it.

Of course, you don’t want to take this “one girl’s trash is another’s treasure” thing too far by forcing “gifts” like the Eyebrowed Lorgnette to an unsuspecting friend. That’s where the party idea comes in. This way, every party attendee knows that all the gifts are “gifts.” Sure, it’s possible that a partier will actually want one of the “gifts”; otherwise, the unwanted items can at least serve a one-time function as holiday party favors that remind everyone not to buy crap in the coming year before, um, getting “donated” to Goodwill?

The Save the White Elephant campaign has full party planning instructions, complete with downloadable name tags,  as well as a Flickr pool, where you can upload photos of your “gifts” — or videos of yourself pretending to be a white elephant, just for fun.

Got ugly gifts? Throw a white elephant party
Turn unwanted gifts into merry-making party favors by throwing an eco-themed white elephant gift exchange.