Finding the products that work for your skin and your hair — not to mention makeup, can be a challenge for anyone. Throw the desire (or for some people, the need, due to health issues), to keep it clean and green, and it becomes even tougher. The best way to figure out what you need is to try all sorts of products to determine what exactly works for you. 


But that could end up costing a fortune, not to mention become extremely wasteful, as you first stockpile, then throw away those products that don't work for you. 


Enter Goodebox. Created by Aysia Wright, the Goodebox is a green and eco-friendly beauty trial subscription service. You pay $16 a month, and you get sent a box curated by a green beauty expert.



July's expert just happens to be yours truly. I focused my choices around ethical travel, choosing products that work well on the road as they do at home. Included in my box are an all-natural mascara, A Perfume Organic scent, Emtage hair oil, Miessence body wash, various products from 100% Pure, and more. (In the interest of full disclosure, I was not paid by Goodebox, but I contributed my expertise because I think the service is such a cool idea.) 


Past expert Goodebox curators include green makeup artists, health experts and more. And every month the box is completely different, so you can experiment with various moisturizers, bronzers, mascaras, perfumes and more, with low risk and low waste. And if you find something you really love, each company offers a pretty serious discount so you can fill up on your favorites for less. 


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Great green makeup made easy, with Goodebox
Find the right products for you with this green beauty subscription service.