Green beauty seekers already know to avoid the ingredient "fragrance" in products -- since that one word can mask a whole slew of scary chemicals like phthalates and musks. That's why, if you look at the ingredient lists of many eco-friendly beauty companies, you'll see "fragrance" followed by a note that the scent is created with only essential oils. In fact, a growing number of products have gotten rid of the word "fragrance" altogether, instead detailing every single sweet-smelling ingredient in tiny print for full disclosure.

And a few brave companies not only don't list the word fragrance -- but also omit all scent-specific ingredients -- organic or otherwise -- altogether. I've discovered one growing eco-friendly company that's going down this fragrance free path: Golden Path Alchemy.

Golden Path Alchemy, started by two green gals in Los Angeles, simply don't seem to add ingredients to improve scent -- instead opting to let the natural smell of the beauty potions shine through. Here's one truly green beauty company serious about beauty. Golden Path Alchemy combines only natural ingredients like therapeutic grade essential oils, Chinese and Western medicinals and botanicals, and organic herbs and flower essences grown locally in Montecito, Calif., at Golden Path Alchemy's own farm.

Those raw ingredients are crafted fresh in small batches, bottled in glass, and sold box-free to prevent unnecessary waste. All that eco-work not only makes for potent beauty products -- but also a fantastic safety score on Environmental Working Group's Skin Deep cosmetic safety database.

I actually consider myself rather sensitive to fragrances and so was curious to experience this unscented beauty line. What I didn't expect, though, was that my nose would get a pretty pungent surprise! How so? Well, the organic and natural beautifying ingredients in Golden Path Alchemy's products have their own unique odors -- and no masking ingredients are added to tone down those natural scents.

That means when I washed my face with the Awaken Cleanser, I liked how the light, liquid soap gently cleansed my skin au naturale. However, I also got a very powerful whiff of what smelled like ginseng -- which from the ingredient list, I'm guessing was actually Bupleurum.

Post-cleanse, I patted on a few drops of the Refine Healing Herbal Serum -- a light aloe vera gel-based serum with astringent properties. I liked how the serum gently tightened my skin with its mix of mix of 15 healing herbs -- but wasn't too fond of those herbs' distinct sour smell.

Still, the gel serum created a perfect base for the more moisturizing Purity Serum -- a thick, oil-based serum that spread nicely atop the gel. This very orange oil blend, though, smelled like a powerful bug spray, thanks to the generous amount of manuka oil in the product! I loved the smooth moisturizing power of this serum, but I also went about my day wondering if I smelled like I'd just gotten back from a camping trip and hadn't showered off the bug spray.

There was one Golden Path Alchemy product whose scent I actually loved: The Kiwi Coconut Exfoliating Mask. Why? Well, it's made with kiwi and coconut, both of which smell wonderful to me. I found the organic sugar in this delicious scrub a bit rough, but could really feel the tingly organic fruit enzymes working!

In short, I love how Golden Path Alchemy's eco-friendly beauty products work. After a few days using the products, my skin feels calm, cleansed, and perfectly moisturized. But the natural scents of these products are powerful enough to give me pause. They don't seem like the best option to put on before, say, taking on a new lover unaccustomed to the pungent aroma of Chinese herbs and manuka oil.

That said, you can't get much purer than these products. You really get the pure ingredients that do your skin good, and you can smell the purity! Shop for Golden Path Alchemy at select green stores, as well as online at Golden Path Alchemy's own website.

Green beauty with a pure natural scent
Golden Path Alchemy crafts a beauty line from organic and natural herbs, flowers, medicinals, and botanicals -- that you can really smell in the final product.