Over time, my oral hygiene habits have changed quite a bit. Here's how I take care of my teeth eco-style now:

Eco-Dent’s GentleFloss. This plastic-free, vegan, recyclable and biodegradable dental floss comes in a recyclable paper package printed with soy ink. Cost: $5.49 for 100 yards at Co-opportunity — A per-yard price that’s comparable to “regular” dental floss.

How does the eco-dental floss feel and work? Like dental floss, minus the artificial flavors if you’re used to getting the uber-synthetic stuff.

Tom’s of Maine Natural Whole Care Toothpaste — Spearmint. This stuff works great and feels refreshing — and apparently provides “anticavity & tartar control plus whitening.” I stock up on multiple tubes whenever they go on sale at the Co-op.

Yes, I know Tom’s of Maine got bought up by Colgate. We do indeed live in strange times, when some of the most effective eco-products on the market are owned by big bad corporations we avoided for years.

And yes, I know not all Tom’s of Maine toothpastes are satisfactory. I hate the fennel flavor, for example, which I bought by accident once. Katharine Wroth of Grist isn’t a fan of the cinnamon-clove flavor, which she bought on purpose for reasons I don’t quite understand. I’m also not a fan of the sodium lauryl sulfate-free option, because the stuff just isn’t as refreshing as the SLS-containing options. I’d also like to point out that despite its bad rep among green circles, Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep database gives SLS a “low hazard” score of 2.

Ekotec toothbrush. I love this toothbrush for two reasons. One: Since I can buy replaceable heads for this toothbrush, it’s quite eco! Two: At $4.95 for a brush with two replacement heads, this toothbrush is a great bargain. You can buy just the refill heads too, making your toothbrush handle last a really really long time.

The toothbrush is well-crafted. No, the heads don’t pop off mid-brush. In fact, they’re a bit challenging to pop off when you want to replace them. The new heads click on easily though.

Be good to your teeth.

Green oral fixation
Green your oral hygiene habits — from natural toothpaste to recyclable toothbrushs to biodegradable dental floss.