Need a green planner to keep track of your eco-resolutions and events? Here are some very stylish options to pick from:

Hands down, the greenest eco-planner IMHO is the Papergeist appointment book (above). Papergeist, self-dubbed the "post post consumer" company, creates the covers for its paper goodies from upcycled record sleeves, then fills it up with previously used paper, folded so you can use just the clean side!

Sarah Pinto 2009 Weekly Planners (above) are also a good option. Made of 100% post-consumer recycled paper, these planners also have cute, whimsical designs. Plus, they're made in the U.S. -- in San Francisco, to be exact.

If you need to touch and feel your planner before settling on it, stop by your nearest Staples to check out the Brownline Ecologix planners (above). These classic planners boast 100% post-consumer recycled paper pages, covers made of 60% recycled material with 30% post-consumer content, and binding made of 90% recycled material. Pick from daily, weekly, or monthly versions. (via Treehugger)

Many other cute planners are marketed as green, so to make sure you're getting the real eco deal, look for post-consumer recycled content information. The higher the post-consumer percentage, the better. You can even find Franklin Covey planner refill pages with 30% post-consumer recycled content, so there’s no excuse for buying a non-eco planner.

Happy new year!

Green planners for 2009
Find a green planner to keep track of your eco-resolutions and events in the new year.