Already planning for Valentine’s Day? Browse through Coco Eco for free online. This eco-fashion magazine’s dedicated its first issue of 2009 to romance and seduction.

Looking for sexy green lingerie? A six-page fashion spread will help you make your choices. Need green lubes? A feature on eco-friendly options will steer you away from harmful chemicals and preservatives. Want flowers and chocolate? A guide on green options will let you get the sweetest stuff.

The one quibble I have with this issue is that Coco Eco makes being single sound like the worst thing that could befall an eco-fashionista, with an article titled “4 Tips to Survive Valentine’s Day …. If you’re Single!” The article does in the end say it’s possible to enjoy Valentine’s Day as a single person — with “some practice (and possibly years of counseling…).” My guess is that most single women enjoy their life choices quite a bit more than the writer of this article.

Anyway — This issue also features an interview with Summer Rayne Oakes, model and environmental activist and cover model for this issue, and a green guide to Seattle, the Emerald City. Read and enjoy!

Green romance and seduction
Eco-fashion magazine Coco Eco lays bare the secrets for a decadently green Valentine's Day.