Even simple and plain, one-color organic cotton T-shirts can cost you more than $50 if you pick from high-end green fashion designers, but if you’re willing to spend that much on everyday wear, I suggest going for a T-shirt that’s not only green and fairly made but also handcrafted in limited editions too — so you get a unique look for your big-spending ways.

And one place to get very cute T-shirts is GeboMana, a new company based in Australia that combines modern urban flair with traditional tribal designs. Each limited-edition shirt is made from certified organic cotton grown in India — then stitched, printed, painted, embroidered, and appliqued using a traditional Indonesian woven fabric called Ikat by craftspeople in Bali.

applique detail of GeboMana T-shirt

Plus, GeboMana has a philanthropic goal. About 15 percent of the revenues from each T-shirt sold goes to the company’s philanthropic arm, Gebo Foundation, which funds education and sustainability projects in the developing world through organizations like The DINARI Foundation and Habitat for Humanity.

To that end, GeboMana’s website is organized a bit like a web community for would-be do-gooders — which unfortunately locks up most of the site behind a mandatory registration page. Would-be shoppers have to hand over their contact information just to see detailed photos and descriptions of the T-shirts. GeboMana’s PR representative explained to me that if I do sign up , I’ll be able to not only shop but also connect with other GeboMana members — and link up digitally with friends I give T-shirts to or get T-shirts from to form a “giving tree” — but this wasn’t a feature I had much interest in using, especially before I’d even gotten a good look at the shirts.

Still, GeboMana T-shirts are unique and beautifully crafted — and made with a durable, thicker cotton fabric designed into an attractive cut. I opted for the “Going Up” design, which has a gray print and pretty blue applique detailing. I also really liked the “Chrysler Palm” design (top middle photo), which is perhaps what the Chrysler Building would look like had it been built in Los Angeles.

If you’re considering getting one for yourself, the “T-Shirt Styles & Designs” page allows you a cursory look at available designs without requiring registration. Most T-shirt costs $49; those with intricate embellishments cost $59 – $69.

Bottom photo by Siel

Green T-shirts combine urban and tribal designs
Australia-based GeboMana offers limited-edition, organic cotton T-shirts that are hand painted, embroidered, and appliqued by craftspeople in Bali.