Need shoes to go with that recycled inner tube purse from English Retreads? Try recycled tire shoes from Greenbees.

greenbees by you.

Created with a mission to upcycle discarded tires — which, beyond taking up massive amounts of landfill space, also create a whole bunch of enviro-pollution — Greenbees crafts cute sandals and boots, all of which boast recycled tire soles. The uppers are made with leather — “full-grain leathers that are byproducts of the meat industry and considered waste material” that are “tanned without formaldehyde or heavy metals,” according to Treehugger.

Recycled tire soles aren’t exactly new, since Simple Shoes, TOMS, Patagonia and even Keds Green Label makes use of recycled rubber in its soles. Still, Greenbees’ sandals make some of the cutest recycled tire sandals perfect for summer weather.

Find Greenbees at boutiques across the country or online at Cathy’s Organic Super Store. Prices range from $45 for the Estella Sandals (essentially, flipflops) to $298 for Thencha Boots. A tree’s planted via Trees for the Future for every pair of Greenbees shoes sold.

Photos: Greenbees

Greenbees makes eco summer sandals
Greenbees makes its shoe soles out of recycled tires -- and plants a tree for every pair of shoes sold.