I know what shoes I’m going to wear when I volunteer with TreePeople: New Balance 070. New this summer, these shoes are the first design in New Balance’s “eco-preferred” collection” that treads lighter on the earth while getting you where you need to go.

Siel's New Balance 070 shoes

What’s green about these shoes? The textiles used are made with at least 25% recycled materials, making use of recycled polyester in the laces, webbing, and other parts of the shoe. The materials are cut with an “interlocking design” that New Balance says minimizes material waste during manufacturing. Plus, the soles have rice husk fillers — which means less petroleum-based rubber — and are put together with water based adhesives.

The shoes are comfy and light, letting air flow through to keep your feet cool. I wore my new New Balance 070s while taking the Malibu Public Beaches Safari — and now want to try taking a light hike in them. And I plan to wear them when TreePeople starts putting together new volunteer events as part of the California Wildfire Restoration Initiative, to help SoCal heal after the latest fires. Register to volunteer with me!

Fellow MNN blogger Shea Gunther calls his pair his new favorite shoes. And a few lucky MNN readers each won a pair of these shoes not too long ago — If you won them, share your review in the comments! New Balance 070 are available in both men’s and women’s versions for $79 at New Balance and other retail stores, as well as online.

Greener shoes for active eco-volunteers
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