Just days after sending out a press release about its eco-friendly spring fashion line, fashion retail company H&M angered a lot of environmentalists — by destroying new, unsold clothes so no one can wear them.

“It is winter. A third of the city is poor. And unworn clothing is being destroyed nightly.” That’s how Jim Dwyer of the New York Times describes the clothing massacre in his expose. Jim reveals that H&M is slashing up and punching big holes into clothes that haven’t sold, then dumping them in to garbage bins — right around the corner from New York Cares, a group that conducts an annual coat drive and is eager for clothing donations.

H&M isn’t the only company that’s destroying perfectly good clothes. The New York Times also caught Walmart in this un-eco practice, though perhaps due to its already tarnished, oft-boycotted business practices, environmentalists seem to find Walmart’s actions less shocking.

Thanks to the uproar, H&M quickly announced it will stop destroying clothes, instead donating them to charity. Will that move get environmentalists shopping H&M’s spring line — made with organic cotton and linen, recycled polyester, and tencel? Share in the comments whether or not you think you'll be shopping H&M's more eco-friendly goods for next season.

H&M to stop destroying new clothes
After an embarrassing expose reveals the Swedish company destroys unsold merchandise, H&M says it'll start donating goods instead.